STEM (science,technology,engineering,math) based robotic programs

Robotics motivates children to understand how things work and encourages them to use their creativity and imagination skills when designing robots!


Kids Robotic Foundation fosters greater understandings of robotics’ role in the development of solutions to real world challenges impacting humanity. The Foundation encourages the use and in-depth exploration of S T E M & S T E A M related subjects to help achieve those ends, and does so, through seminars, exhibitions and competitions open to all segments of the community.


Following are the programs that we offer based on age group:

  • DuBotics: Age 3-5
  • WeBotics: Age 5-8
  • NXTBotics: Age 9+
  • EV3Botics: Age 10+ (NXT training is required)


Following are the programs that we offer based on age group:

  • Interactive literacy software Age: 3+
  • Microsoft Office suite: Age 6+
  • (Word, Excel, Power-Point, Access, Publisher)
  • Typing writing Skills: Age 6+


There are many service that we offer at the community locations, community locations, day cares and our own locations as well. Please check our projects page to what we have to offer besides our programs.

Educational Projects

STEM Robotics for All

Our mission for this project is to teach STEM based robotics to every child in the school, community centers, libraries, day cares and many more. We believe that every child should get equal opportunity to able to imagine, build, program and learn form new technology which is offered widely at the private school sectors only. for this project we do not have enough funding but we try to do our best to spread STEM robotics awareness in our community. Kids Robotic Academy Donates from 15-45 thousand dollars every year to community projects.

Future Projects

  • Robotics facility. Fully equipped with robotics and computer material:
    project already have started and working successfully from last two financial years on Bellaire Blvd. Houston TX. We are in the process of opening atleast 3 more in Houston Texas.

Our services include:

Following are the programs that we offer based on age group:

  • Service 1 - Coaching for various Robotics competitions.
  • Service 2 - Training School educators for Robotics and Programming Skills.
  • Service 3 - Mentor High School Teams.
  • Service 4 - Sponsor High School VEX teams.

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